14 pairs of pants & socks

3 nights into the 2nd week of the Easter holidays and a random chat with my boys last night resulted in a sketchy plan for the Summer holidays.

I don’t do 2 weeks abroad with the boys, never have;  1 – I don’t particularly like the sun,  2- I’ve always been too chicken to attempt planes, trains and automobiles on my own with 2 boys who are “full  of character” and 3 –  I like to try and do things which will give them an experience they will remember.

So this random chat consisted of “lets go visit some football stadiums” …..it has now evolved into “let go visit ALL 20 of the English Premier Team grounds”

24 hours from the initial conversation i am not quite sure of the WHY, how,route, or mode of transport. What i do know is the nearest ground is 223.2 miles from our home, we have 2 weeks in which to do this, my boys think this is a “boss” (???) idea and my Mummy head has already deduced that laundry facilities may be an issue so i will need to buy 14 pairs of pants and socks for each of us so i can just dump the old ones en route in some service station bins.

We leave in 14 weeks and 3 days